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    Place Writing with Kathleen Jamie & Dr David Cooper

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      By Dan J Broadley With the new Place Writing course set to start in May 2015 at the Manchester Writing School, the International Anthony Burgess Foundation was proud to present one of the most significant place writers today, Kathleen Jamie for a reading of some of her work and a discussion with English Literature…

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    The Biased Broadcasting Company and Choice of 2015

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    By Dan J Broadley A few weeks ago it was announced the main British broadcasters had decided on the selection of political party leaders to include in the 2015 election TV debates. ‘The Big Three’ of Tory, Labour and Lib Dem were included, along with the new rise of fascism, UKIP. UKIP have won one…

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    Fang Café

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    By Dan J Broadley The Humanities in Public’s Gothic Manchester Festival 2014 drew to a close as the city bar, Fab Café, was re-branded for the evening as ‘The Fang Café’.  Festival organisers hosted a vampire themed pub quiz, which you don’t see every day, so all the Gothic enthusiasts I met there were pretty…

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    Gothic Spaces Gothic Places

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    By Dan J Broadley The Humanities in Public Festival’s Gothic takeover of Manchester saw the International Anthony Burgess Foundation host the ‘Gothic Spaces/Gothic Places’ conference. Not being well-versed in Gothic themes, I was worried I’d have no idea what anyone was talking about. However, I was pleasantly surprised, as the speakers on all four panels…

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    Preview: The Manchester Writing Competition Shortlist 2014

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    By Dan J Broadley The Manchester Writing Competition is now in its sixth year. Since its start, it has attracted over twelve thousand submissions from over fifty countries, awarding over £75,000 in the process. The winners of this year’s £10,000 fiction and poetry prizes are to be announced this Friday 17th October by Adam O’Riordan…


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