The book that changed my life: The Power of Now

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By Sian Hamer

By Eckhart Tolle
Namaste Publishing, 1997


Refreshing, inspirational and challenging, The Power of Now is a book in its own league. You’ll probably find it nestled within the multitude of self-help books in any popular bookstore, but the questions and themes which Eckhart Tolle addresses touch upon a deeper and more complex approach to self-improvement and enlightenment.

Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher who, after spending a large portion of his life depressed, underwent an “inner transformation” which led to the writing of The Power of Now. The format of the book follows a question and answer style, the questions being those posed by his past students. Regardless of this unconventional writing style, Tolle effortlessly manages to capture the reader’s attention and inspires them see life from a new, refreshing perspective. The main premise of the book is to highlight the power and positivity of living in the present moment and how these actions can lead to a less stressful and more enjoyable life. Tolle’s responses to his student’s questions about achieving this way of life are rich yet concise, passionate and understandable, and he encourages readers to take breaks between the questions to fully appreciate and consider his answers.

Approach this book open minded and expectant to explore an entirely new approach to the way you perceive life, but don’t be intimidated. The basis of this book isn’t one you read from cover to cover like a thrilling fiction in one sitting, instead it is a book you touch upon in times of curiosity or need. If you have an interest in spiritual enlightenment, are curious to adopt new ways of thinking or simply want to a try a completely new genre of non-fiction, The Power of Now will more than likely become a permanent resident on your book shelf.

Sian Hamer is a Multimedia Journalism student at Manchester Met. She is usually found reading five books at once and posting an excessive amount of nature photos on Instagram.

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