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The Charlatans @ Manchester Apollo

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Touring new album, Different Days, The Charlatans are back and showing that there is plenty of life in them yet!

By Sam Gosling

“It’s good to be back”, announced frontman Tim Burgess as the indie legends took to the stage.

Burgess and co. open with ‘Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over’ from their early self-titled album. The Manchester crowd were in great spirits, singing every word back to them.

Straddling the great divide from indie to soul while retaining some sense of cool is not easy, but The Charlatans endurance is testament to their success. Despite being seen as a part of the ‘Madchester’ scene, the band are mainly from the West Midlands. Despite this, Manchester has claimed them as one of its own and this really had the feel of a homecoming gig.

In a set punctuated with tracks from their latest effort Different Days and the classics, they transport the crowd back to the 90s, reminding everyone why this band remain so relevant.

Favourites such as ‘So Oh’, ‘Weirdo’ and ‘North Country Boy’ sparked mass sing-a-longs and ‘The Only One I Know’ were something special.

While you can’t move these days without seeing a band ‘reuniting’, this has to be one of the better ones to go through that process. The band have proven that they are not back to re-hash old songs and collect the money. They want to make great new music, something they manage with ease!

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